About Us

We are Camden. We had a vision to bring hometown pride to the forefront and unapologetically. For so many years, the media dictated the image of Camden without considering that with every challenge its resident faced, the spirit and the city is still invincible.

The Camden Store is  a concept store (or as we like to say 'the city's flagship store') with an online platform (CamdenEverything.com). With over 52+ designs dedicated to Camden and those who love our city, our apparel is of high quality, along with other merchandise meticulously curated for our customers.

Community is and always will be the cornerstone of our business. Our initiatives and events include Good Vibes Open Mic, a space for artistic expression and discussions on topics that impact our youth and young adults. Also included is Conversations in Camden, a communicative production that invites newsmakers, experts and scholars to an interview and/or panel style. For more information, please contact our nonprofit Camden Renaissance Leaders at info@ilovecamden.com